Why Monthly Internet Usage Caps are a Lie

If you ask an Internet service provider why they cap your usage at 50 or 100 GB per month, they will say something like:
"The cap is necessary to prevent heavy users from hogging all the bandwidth and degrading service for everyone else".
This is a flat-out lie. Here's why.

Network links, routers, switches, orbiting satellites and other hardware are sized - and priced - by their rated maximum speed (Mbit/s or Gbit/s). The cost of deploying and maintaining a network is almost entirely determined by its maximum speed and by the length and difficulty of the cable runs.

Celebrity nude pix "scandal"

You've probably seen the headlines by now. It seems that some of the low-life scum from 4chan's /b/ sector, known to civilized society as "the depths of the Internet's filthiest sewer", bashed in the front door of Apple's iCloud service to steal the private photographs of a number of prominent celebrities.

Now that the headline (yes, it's click-bait) is out of the way, let's consider this a bit more carefully.


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