The Long View: New sub-site for sustainabiliy

Well, here we are, diversifying our Web presence again. The Long View, a new M. B. Marsh Design website, will focus on energy, resource, development and environmental sustainability over the coming decades.

We've been posting on these topics for a while, and it's time to bring a more focused approach to them. It'll be a slow trickle of articles, falling mainly into three broad categories:

Birding with a 35mm f/1.8

I can certainly understand the appeal of a big bag of expensive long lenses. Birds do, after all, tend to be small and far away.

I'm not about to spend $10,000 on a set of bird lenses, though. (I'm cheap, for one thing, but I'm also not quite fit enough to carry 15 kilos of glass and magnesium around all day.)

The solution? Get close. Really close. Just beyond wing-hitting range, in this case, with a 35mm f/1.8 on a DX body.

Union Station, a study in contrasts

Toronto's historic Union Station, after years of neglect and decay, is undergoing a much-needed revitalization.

The architects have decided to keep much of the original train shed intact, but a large central section of the original structure has been torn down to make way for an airy, modern glass atrium.

With a huge chunk of the roof gone, the steel and concrete of the 86-year-old structure is juxtaposed against the gold-plated towers of Bay Street.


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