Celebrity nude pix "scandal"

You've probably seen the headlines by now. It seems that some of the low-life scum from 4chan's /b/ sector, known to civilized society as "the depths of the Internet's filthiest sewer", bashed in the front door of Apple's iCloud service to steal the private photographs of a number of prominent celebrities.

Now that the headline (yes, it's click-bait) is out of the way, let's consider this a bit more carefully.

Redefining Privacy

We are in the process of redefining privacy. More shadowy actors than we can count, in both corporate and government sectors, have dedicated themselves to hoovering up, archiving and cross-referencing every bit of information they can about our personal lives.

We might not be able to stop them. We may, however, be able to enact changes, as individuals forming a society, that would render them relatively powerless.

The power of metadata

Privacy? It's not gone (yet), but you'd better be careful

Many in the tech community have been concerned for a while- quite a long while- that privacy as we used to know it is a rapidly disappearing concept. Year after year, they've been dismissed as alarmists, radicals, and so forth.

It is now becoming increasingly obvious that those "alarmists" were right. Whenever we interact with anything involving a networked computer, we leave a digital trail that can and will be mined for someone else's financial benefit.

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