Settled In

Where oh where have we been for the last two months?

Well, working, for one. That never stops.

We've also been busy, though, packing up and relocating the whole kit and caboodle to a new piece of land, north of Kingston, that's rather more suited to our needs.

The thing is, as convenient as it was to be in a townhouse in the city, close to stores, on the bus route.... you can't build an eight-metre boat in a one-car garage, you can't let a Great Pyrenees run free in a twelve square metre backyard, and you can't grow any appreciable amount of food in a planter box on the side of a driveway.

So we're out in the boonies now, where the people are friendly, the land is plentiful, the birds (and bugs) are equally plentiful, everyone waves hello on the road, and we can sit between the house and the boat shop at the end of the day looking out at this.

I think it's a pretty decent trade-off for spending half an hour driving to work instead of half an hour on the bus to work.

We're not entirely sure what we're going to call the place. While it's not a country estate, it does feel like the kind of place that needs a name. "Lilac Hollow" is currently the top contender. We shall see.



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